Review of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Capsule Machine after a month use.
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG305 Coffee Capsule Machine

Tastes as Good as it Looks

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine is stylish yet compact, but don’t let its size fool you. With a maximum 15 bar pump pressure it is able to create coffee with coffee with full-bodied flavour and a velvety cream finish. Designed to be just like you would find in your local coffee shop.

The coffee pods are sealed after the roast has been ground to deliver to you a full flavour and aroma. With a wide variety of drinks to choose from including roast and ground coffees, hot chocolate drinks and coffee shop specialties.
The volume selector on the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine lets you tailor the length of your drink to just the way you like it. Use the recommendation on the pod or select the amount of water to use to suit your taste. The machine automatically stops at the selected level when done.

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto can create beverages in a matter of seconds with the aim of having no mess and no fuss for you. Because the coffee grinds stay in the pod there can be minimised cleaning afterwards.

Your Drink Is Ready In 3 Easy Steps.

With NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me Automatic Play & Select machines your drink is ready in 3 steps.

  • Pop in a pod
  • Move the volume selector to select your taste or use the recommendation on the pod
  • Move the joy stick to hot or cold

The machine needs virtually no cleaning, however a wipe down of the machine and rinse of the capsule holder every few weeks is recommended.

De’Longhi: Serious About Coffee

De’Longhi has been a high-profile Italian brand for more than 100 years, providing high-quality, efficient, innovative and stylish domestic products. De’Longhi is a brand that is serious about coffee and are experts in this field, offering a wide range of coffee machine solutions to suit every palate and lifestyle.
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG305 Coffee Capsule Machine

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I’m in love!

This piece of kit is small, tidy, extremely smart appearance. Takes up very little room on a worktop in a kitchen and requires very very little cleaning. It is extremely easy to use and prepares delicious beverages within minutes. So far I’ve had the americano and cappuccino pods and I am simply delighted with the taste and quality of the drinks. Ive always wanted a coffee machine and never knew which one to get. I read a lot of reviews about this particular one and I am pleased to say I have found them true to their word. A previous review reported that their drinks were slightly cold – this was not the case when I have used the machine. Hope this is helpful – if you are thinking of buying one of these machines they are extremely good value for money and produce delicious drinks.

By Simon D on 2 Dec 2013

Fab litlle coffee maker!

This was a gift for Christmas and I’m thrilled with it. Simple to use and easy to keep clean. Makes good coffee (I think…I can’t call myself a connoisseur!) quickly and easily. It’s small enough to fit in our compact and bijou modern kitchen and is styled nicely. My only minor gripe is that even on the highest setting it won’t quite fill a normal coffee mug…and I love a full cup. I think that’s limited by the Nestle pods rather than the machine itself; there’s a water volume limit for each pod. The pods are not cheap, but are cheaper than other makes. It makes a nice once-a-day treat rather than an every cup drink. Generally very pleased with it and would recommend to others.

By Andy on 29 Jan 2014

My first coffee maker…

This is the first coffee machine I have owned and I am very impressed with it.

Its small and compact and looks great on the kitchen counter, and the coffee tastes great.

Milky coffees like cappuccinos and lattes require 2 pods (one coffee one milk) where as regular americanos just take one, so with the approximate price of a box of 16 pods at Tesco costing £3.70, a milky coffee will cost about 50p and a black coffee 25p, which I think is excellent value as they taste so nice!

The machine takes under a minute to make your drink and requires very little cleaning.

Overall I think this product is excellent! You get 4 different coffees with the machine, can’t wait to try some of the other varieties.

By No name on 23 Oct 2013

I Dont Like Coffee……….

My friends thought I had gone bonkers when I said I had bought a coffee machine “But you dont like coffee” was the cry from them. I told them I had got it so I could get nice hot chocolate (which is lovely especially the version with caramel yum) but thought I would try some coffe pods anyway !

First the machine itself is a lovely little unit thta sits on my counter top and take up very little space the red and white finish fit right in my kitchen, it heats up quickly with no problems thus far the height adjuster for you cup is easy to move up and down.

What I especially find so good about this machine( and that is thanks to other reviewsers) is the ability to put in 2 pod drinks the amount of milk and coffee that suits you which is easily done by choosing how many bars(a guide to how many are on each individual pod) recommend but you have the final say my favoite is the caramel latte machiatto (thought I would give this a go first as I love caramel if any thing could get me drinking coffe it would be this !!) The pods say 4 bars for the milk and 2 for the coffee but because you have control for me 5 milk and 1 coffee is perfect, my drink is caramel with a hint of coffee not the other way round.

It make a lovely frothy drink that is at the perfect tempuature to drink straight away, I have now tried other using the same principal so am now enjoying coffee for the first time friends who have been round and have had the full coffee version say the taste is great and they enjoyed coffe shop coffe at my house.

In summary a neat compact machine that makes drinks inc coffee 🙂 well enough for me and my friends without breaking the bank.

In the box you get 4 drinks to get you started and if you sine up on the Dolce Gusto site you get a £10.00 credit for the on line shop go to the website as the pods are sooo much cheaper that on here or ebay the drinks I like so much are £3.68 per 8 drins v £7.98 on here for the same 8 drinks its a no brainer

I summery a great little machine that suits me and gives me what I wanted and more at a good price(is now £10.00 less than I paid) its easy to use and gives you feliability wihen making your drinks

By Amazon Customer on 28 Jan 2014

Robot friend

Brilliant having a coffee made and in your hands in a. Jiffy. So easy to clean. Would definitely recommend to busy people. Taste superb.

By elizabeth on 19 April 2014