I was told most of friends dont go there. Not sure because they dont trust or because products dont last long. I went few times to buy things which are urgent like cables and other hardware. Guess what started browsing and fell for a Philips dect phone offer. The offer is incredible. less than 50%, went for it greedily. I dont need a phone at all, thought this new phone might bring some colours to my desk.

Ha, The happiness did not last long.

The phone makes a wheezing buzz when we answer the call and the dect phone range is limited to just few feet. Doest not work in second room.

Naturally felt annoyed took it back to shop. The guy looked at me, like this idon’t know, how to use the phone. And explained he cannot take it back because the package is open and not in the condition of resale. One of their condions is to not take the product back, if the product is not in the same conditon. What? how am i supposed to test product without openning it.

With a bit of argument. He started testing the product he put it into the socket. and made a call and said it works fine. he cannot here any noise. I thought, may be taking the battery out and putting it back in might have reset the system and noise is gone. he asked me take it back change the cable adaptor and try again.

I bought a new capble adaptor with them and took it back(Additional spending). After few hours, started the white noise again. Right! i had enough, took it back. Again same story different representative. Wow! looks like they have strong instructions, we only sell to customers and never take returns unless they press it. I pressed it as hard as i can, told him about the customer protection policy 7/14 days return policies.

The guy refuses to listen, i refuse to walk, then it became a distraction for others. Everyone is getting impatient. He called his head office and they advised to take it back. Phew! do you need this drama or you want try what happens if you buy. If you do want to buy be my guest says someone.

I promised myself. Never step in again. Partronising customers is an art mastered by them.

Warning for me and buyers like me.

1. Have i heard of refurbished stuff?

Yes, refurbished mean, when the products are sold initially to some customers and returned to factory, they were repaired and boxed again. Also some products get refurbished in the factory itself, when they fail quality testing. Do you want one of these producst think again!

2. What is Customer returns policy?

Do you know UK customers are protected by trading standards. Every company must be bound by them as long their company is in UK and selling in UK. I am not buying from those who are selling from other parts of europe and do the logistics.

3. What is a cheap electronic product?

A product which is far too less in weight. It breaks as soon as it lands on carpet. The battery pack cover flew into kitchen. Antenna fell from the top with no glue to fix it. When you buy it you already knew, it is going to die on you and it is a repica of a successfull product, last but not the least it is made in china ūüôĀ

Give me your views mateys!