As you are aware we do lot of research on products and we make a decision which is compelling many ways price, quality, discounts and delivery schedule.

While some low priced goods take longer to deliver. Do you know Why?

They dont have items in stock. They advertise and receive sales above their stock level. Then they place an order with their supplier who inturn produces good or ships goods for delivery. Do you have time to chase. If yes, then it is alright.

While Some goods are heavily discounted from market price. Do you know why?

The product failed to generate any market response in its first launch, there is a big stock pile. The only way to get rid of this stock is discount heavily from the market price and get rid of the stock. These products will have poor customer service or very poor quality. You dont want to be victim of this. Either way they end up in your garrage or store room. You are buying thinking they are very cheap not because you really need them.

What is customer service like, even children now days know, buying a holiday/product without reliable review will make it worst memory rather than just being vulnerable. How do you realise somethig is worse than ever?

The product/holiday is full of ifs and buts, small print, fake offers. The ifs and buts will make you sad, you cannot do what you want do with it, yes too many restrictions. You have to follow all the rules. funnily, i was told i can only contact by email no phone number for the seller. What? yes it is true.

I booked the holiday without reading the small print and realised it is only in weekdays. what i cannot be absent from work in these days. Small print says no refund or use it with in 30 days. I forgot to book it in time. The coupon expired.. nightmare. How much money is lost in expired coupons. It is worse than a not won lottery ticket.

One day i realised i am not going to be a victim of buying something unwanted or wanted but restricted or wanted with poor support. wanted with longer wait for delivery. Also the same product is pretty much available in other online sites.

Do you know what is a worst trap of all?

I fell for it, i know many fell for it it too. A fake website is created with a link in the main advert. Where the product shows it original price as very high and it is heavily discounted only for this offer. Wow, easy trap. it makes me feel, i am doing the right thing buying it for less. Sorry, if you check it out on the google, the product may be available at same price with other suppliers or alternatively it is not heavily discounted but available for cheaper price.

Fake satisfaction surveys, fake reports. What not, all to make your pocket weigh less.

Given all this, refund policy is extremely horrid, Have you ever read it, before you bought the product. 30 days or more. I have heard weirdest story from a cusomter support. We cannot track returns, but product is in our storage, We need to verify it and we let you know. Can you believe it from a million pound online electronic shopiing gaint, who tells you a rather unconvincing cheap story just to delay the refund.

Well i am going to stop buying any of these kind of fakes. you dont have to do the same, but be generous in spending time on your research before you buy anything rather regret after buying.

Let us know your experience by replying to this..