Glam Cosmetic Organiser – Key Features

Glam Cosmetic Organiser – Simple clear crystal acrylic cosmetics organiser. Fits perfectly into corners and allows the use of maximum space. Easy organisation for all your essential cosmetics. Great for that unused corner of the dressing table!

Glam Cosmetic Organiser

  • Incredibly useful cosmetic organiser
  • Fantastic in bedroom or bathroom
  • Made of clear crystal acrylic so looks great with any decor
  • Part of the Glam range – matching items available
  • Dimensions: 21.5 cm long by 13.5 cm wide


Product Description

This practical and beautfiul cosmetic organiser is such a fantastic addition to any bedroom or bathroom that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. It has space for 12 lipsticks, 2 compartments which are perfect for make up brushes and longer items like mascara, and 2 further compartments which are great for things like powders, foundation, or nail varnish. However, what you store in this useful organiser is totally up to you, the possibilities are endless. It could be used for storing craft items or jewellery, as well as make up. As this item is made of clear acrylic it really fits in with any decor too. Other items in the Glam range are also available so you can really accessorise your home in style.

Dimensions: 21.5 cm long by 13.5 cm wide
Materials: Clear Crystal Acrylic
Care: Wash with warm soapy water

The Glam range of storage accessories fits into any environment or decor as it is made of clear crystal acrylic. No need to worry about colour matching! Glam products include make-up, jewellery, and toiletry holders in a myriad of combinations. Organise your bathroom, dressing table, or workspace.

Our aim at BlissHome is to cater for every taste with our collection of accessories for the contemporary bathroom.

BlissHome have been designing and sourcing contemporary homewares since 1978, constantly searching for the new, the original and the beautiful to enhance your home. BlissHome strives to bring you innovative, fresh, and fun products that also serve a functional purpose in your home.


Reviews by Real Customers


Is practical and it is beautfiul. Solid plastic not flimsy and looks classy in the bathroom. Kept leaving bits and bobs on the shelf, and scooping them into a drawer, never to be seen again. But with this tray lipsticks, mascaras etc slot into place and don’t get lost. Also useful for earrings which I tend to take off and then forget where I put them… you get the picture 🙂
Have also bought the square box thingy for cotton wool and buds. Which looks just as great and oh so useful (i was forever dropping the cardboard/plastic pot of buds. Like cocktail sticks you take one out and they all wanna come too. Usually on the floor).

I bought this product because I have a large makeup collection and wanted something to display my everyday makeup products, it did not disappoint. Everything from my mascara to lipstick fitted perfectly.
I’d reccomend this to anyone who love organised makeup like me. Delivery was on time and we’ll wrapped, so no breakage. Two thumbs up!

Purchased with the four drawer box. This item fits securely and neatly on top, providing plenty of additional storage space for make-up. The organiser is made of thick plastic that has a glossy, if not slightly glass-like finish to it and does appear to be very sturdy.

The 12 small storage compartments on the right hand side are ideal for lipsticks, lip balms, nail varnish and small/’sample size’ tubes such as primer or eye cream. Behind the small compartments is a shallow, medium-sized compartment, ideal for standing up large tubes or bottles (such as foundation, perfume or possibly eye shadow).

At the back on the left hand side there are two deeper storage compartments, I have managed to fit 15 eye liner pencils in one compartment and a concealer stick, mascara tube and eye roll-on in the other compartment without it being too much of a squeeze. These deeper compartments would also be ideal for storing cosmetic brushes. The large, shallow-fronted compartment has plenty of room for storing a wide variety of medium sized cosmetics, including eye shadows, lipsticks or powders.

Overall, this item provides a lot of different options for storing small to medium sized cosmetics and was a fantastic purchase.

I hesitated for a long time before making this purchase; it seemed a huge amount to pay for what after all was just a plastic container. In the end I relented and bought it, not for myself, but as gift for me daughter in law. I am so pleased I did, it is perfect.
It looks beautiful, and pretty much indestructible. I will certainly be ordering another one for myself after Christmas.

I really like this product – it looks great and it’s pretty solidly made. The downside is it isn’t very big, so you wouldn’t be able to store the entire contents of your make-up bag in it. I use it for the stuff it use most frequently and it’s great for that!

This is a great cosmetic organiser. I can see all my make-up clearly, everything is now organised AND it’s easy to clean. The lipstick holders are also ideal for eye-shadow applicators, hair grips and all those other items which were previously lost at the bottom of my make-up bag! The only drawback is that there isn’t an abundance of space for lots of eye-shadow cases, though I have 7 eye-shadows of varying sizes, a compact and blusher which have all fitted in nicely.

This is a really great product for keeping frequently used cosmetics in order. It looks good on my dressing table and it has space for all the items I use every day – foundation/blusher/powder in the large front section, brushes/mascaras/eyeliners in the tall back section, lipsticks/glosses/balms in the small front sections, and tubes in the small back section. It’s really robust, more so than I expected, and can easily withstand knocks and being dropped from some height without sustaining so much as a scratch. I’m now really wanting more products from the same range to organise all my other items!