I am using Dyson Vacuum cleaners for many years. Actually to put it correctly i am a Dyson fan. It makes me feel i am doing less work for more cleaning. Having said that DC35 was a great instant satisfaction but did not last long. It works really well for short cleans. But over a period it became really complicated to maintain it. In first year it became our full time vacuum cleaner,nearly we stopped using our bigger one. First the motor started to work intermittently. Luckily it was with in warranty, thanks to dyson support, straight away sent the replacement. It worked excellent for next one year (cannot complain). Then the motor started working intermittently again. This time it is out of warranty.

It is difficult clean when the fabric threads and hair gets woven into brush at the bottom. I tried taking a scissors to cut it. It is a painful 10 minutes cleaning. Now the Dyson says they have improved DC35 with modified parts. Hopefully they have sorted out the brush issues and intermittent motor (really annoying).

Let me know, if you are using newer version of DC35 or the next version of DC44, As they claim it is a bit powerful motor which lasts bit more!Dyson_brush