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Tefal Actifry Plus

Enjoyed by more than five million households world-wide, the Tefal ActiFry has been cooking deliciously healthy meals in British households since 2007. In a nutshell, the ActiFry is a revolutionary product which allows you to enjoy tasty, traditional, home-cooked chips, but at the same time stay healthy and feel good about what you are eating. Its patented technology ensures you can cook a variety of delicious meals with excellent all over cooking results.

An Actifry cooks more than just chips or potato based products but, if I am perfectly honest, that’s the thing I cook the most in mine as it is so easy to use. There is no temperature dial to be concerned about and food is constantly turned by a paddle so there is no need to turn over partway through cooking. It is a bulky appliance although no more so than most deep fat fryers and you avoid the need to store part used oil to boot.

In terms of home cooked chips, I find Maris Piper potatoes work very well – those produce a fluffier chip. I peel the potatoes and then allow them to drain before removing as much water as possible using kitchen paper. I then pop the chips into the Actifry for about 30 seconds without any oil just to make sure they are fully dry before adding olive oil. Olive oil left over from jars of tomatoes adds a little bit of extra flavour. I open the lid after around ten to fifteen minutes cooking time has elapsed as that allows steam to escape and reduces any potential for sogginess and I then leave it alone to finish cooking. After around 35-40 minutes total cooking time the chips are ready and worth the wait.
Tefal Actifry Plus
You can cook much more than just chips though. The ActiFry is so versatile it allows you to cook a range of foods from fresh and frozen, including sausages, chicken, fish, stir fried vegetables, frozen chips and much more. A free recipe booklet is also included, to give you that initial bit of inspiration you need when creating the delicious, healthy meal. Why not try the turkey breast with three peppers recipe or a traditional chilli con carne, and if you really want to impress, cook up a casserole or curry – all in the Tefal ActiFry. There are endless possibilities, so set your imagination free and make the most of the dishes you prepare.

The rotating paddle will pulverise delicate items like scampi but you don’t have to use it and, as long as you remember to manually turn the pan contents, even bread crumbed items cook well.

Everything except the base can be put in the dishwasher but it is a bulky appliance and very easy to wash by hand – particularly if you maintain a regime of washing after every use (which takes only a few minutes and helps to keep everything stain free). It’s a lot easier to keep clean than a deep fat fryer as the low oil use means there isn’t very much of a build up to remove. The inside of the fryer needs an occasional wipe over, with particular attention paid to the area by the vents at the rear where the lid attaches to the body as I have found greasy deposits there from time to time.
Tefal Actifry Plus
I had one of the first incarnations of an Actifry and loved the freedom it gave me to cook fresh chips (and wedges) without the need to use a deep fat fryer. The design has evolved over the years with modifications made to most of the visible components making them more durable and/or easy to use; this version has a removable rim added to the pan to prevent contents working their way over the rim and an appealing black, grey (with a touch of lime) colour scheme.

I love the home cooked chips it produces although it took me a few attempts to work out the best method. But if you do succumb to the desire to cut back on preparation by cooking oven chips, it does those really well as well. You don’t need to add extra oil but I find for a really crispy finish, a small amount makes all of the difference!

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Review of NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me Coffee Capsule Machine after a month use.
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG305 Coffee Capsule Machine

Tastes as Good as it Looks

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine is stylish yet compact, but don’t let its size fool you. With a maximum 15 bar pump pressure it is able to create coffee with coffee with full-bodied flavour and a velvety cream finish. Designed to be just like you would find in your local coffee shop.

The coffee pods are sealed after the roast has been ground to deliver to you a full flavour and aroma. With a wide variety of drinks to choose from including roast and ground coffees, hot chocolate drinks and coffee shop specialties.
The volume selector on the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine lets you tailor the length of your drink to just the way you like it. Use the recommendation on the pod or select the amount of water to use to suit your taste. The machine automatically stops at the selected level when done.

The NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto can create beverages in a matter of seconds with the aim of having no mess and no fuss for you. Because the coffee grinds stay in the pod there can be minimised cleaning afterwards.

Your Drink Is Ready In 3 Easy Steps.

With NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me Automatic Play & Select machines your drink is ready in 3 steps.

  • Pop in a pod
  • Move the volume selector to select your taste or use the recommendation on the pod
  • Move the joy stick to hot or cold

The machine needs virtually no cleaning, however a wipe down of the machine and rinse of the capsule holder every few weeks is recommended.

De’Longhi: Serious About Coffee

De’Longhi has been a high-profile Italian brand for more than 100 years, providing high-quality, efficient, innovative and stylish domestic products. De’Longhi is a brand that is serious about coffee and are experts in this field, offering a wide range of coffee machine solutions to suit every palate and lifestyle.
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me EDG305 Coffee Capsule Machine

Reviews from Amazon.co.uk

I’m in love!

This piece of kit is small, tidy, extremely smart appearance. Takes up very little room on a worktop in a kitchen and requires very very little cleaning. It is extremely easy to use and prepares delicious beverages within minutes. So far I’ve had the americano and cappuccino pods and I am simply delighted with the taste and quality of the drinks. Ive always wanted a coffee machine and never knew which one to get. I read a lot of reviews about this particular one and I am pleased to say I have found them true to their word. A previous review reported that their drinks were slightly cold – this was not the case when I have used the machine. Hope this is helpful – if you are thinking of buying one of these machines they are extremely good value for money and produce delicious drinks.

By Simon D on 2 Dec 2013

Fab litlle coffee maker!

This was a gift for Christmas and I’m thrilled with it. Simple to use and easy to keep clean. Makes good coffee (I think…I can’t call myself a connoisseur!) quickly and easily. It’s small enough to fit in our compact and bijou modern kitchen and is styled nicely. My only minor gripe is that even on the highest setting it won’t quite fill a normal coffee mug…and I love a full cup. I think that’s limited by the Nestle pods rather than the machine itself; there’s a water volume limit for each pod. The pods are not cheap, but are cheaper than other makes. It makes a nice once-a-day treat rather than an every cup drink. Generally very pleased with it and would recommend to others.

By Andy on 29 Jan 2014

My first coffee maker…

This is the first coffee machine I have owned and I am very impressed with it.

Its small and compact and looks great on the kitchen counter, and the coffee tastes great.

Milky coffees like cappuccinos and lattes require 2 pods (one coffee one milk) where as regular americanos just take one, so with the approximate price of a box of 16 pods at Tesco costing £3.70, a milky coffee will cost about 50p and a black coffee 25p, which I think is excellent value as they taste so nice!

The machine takes under a minute to make your drink and requires very little cleaning.

Overall I think this product is excellent! You get 4 different coffees with the machine, can’t wait to try some of the other varieties.

By No name on 23 Oct 2013

I Dont Like Coffee……….

My friends thought I had gone bonkers when I said I had bought a coffee machine “But you dont like coffee” was the cry from them. I told them I had got it so I could get nice hot chocolate (which is lovely especially the version with caramel yum) but thought I would try some coffe pods anyway !

First the machine itself is a lovely little unit thta sits on my counter top and take up very little space the red and white finish fit right in my kitchen, it heats up quickly with no problems thus far the height adjuster for you cup is easy to move up and down.

What I especially find so good about this machine( and that is thanks to other reviewsers) is the ability to put in 2 pod drinks the amount of milk and coffee that suits you which is easily done by choosing how many bars(a guide to how many are on each individual pod) recommend but you have the final say my favoite is the caramel latte machiatto (thought I would give this a go first as I love caramel if any thing could get me drinking coffe it would be this !!) The pods say 4 bars for the milk and 2 for the coffee but because you have control for me 5 milk and 1 coffee is perfect, my drink is caramel with a hint of coffee not the other way round.

It make a lovely frothy drink that is at the perfect tempuature to drink straight away, I have now tried other using the same principal so am now enjoying coffee for the first time friends who have been round and have had the full coffee version say the taste is great and they enjoyed coffe shop coffe at my house.

In summary a neat compact machine that makes drinks inc coffee 🙂 well enough for me and my friends without breaking the bank.

In the box you get 4 drinks to get you started and if you sine up on the Dolce Gusto site you get a £10.00 credit for the on line shop go to the website as the pods are sooo much cheaper that on here or ebay the drinks I like so much are £3.68 per 8 drins v £7.98 on here for the same 8 drinks its a no brainer

I summery a great little machine that suits me and gives me what I wanted and more at a good price(is now £10.00 less than I paid) its easy to use and gives you feliability wihen making your drinks

By Amazon Customer on 28 Jan 2014

Robot friend

Brilliant having a coffee made and in your hands in a. Jiffy. So easy to clean. Would definitely recommend to busy people. Taste superb.

By elizabeth on 19 April 2014

Karin Herzog Silhouette Slimming Anti Cellulite Cream Works Miracle in Smoothing the Skin

Women tend to go through all sorts of treatments to get rid of their body fat that makes them look like an old hag. Though rubbing Karin Herzog Silhouette Slimming Anti Cellulite Cream certainly help you loose weight. They also help to reposition the fat deposits which make you loose inches in the specific areas and your pants become loose.

Basically cellulite is the body fat that is not burned and creates an uneven dimpled effect on the thighs and other specific parts of a women’s body. The more fat that accumulates under the skin the more the more the rippled effect it creates on the skin. Plus if the connective tissue is weak then the fat starts to bulge out and this is also the reason that slim people also can get affected by cellulite.

Your best bet is to get an anti cellulite cream that contains natural ingredients as they are more effective in getting rid of cellulite because they contain potent natural cellulite fighters that work in smoothing the skin. Plus the ones that contain natural stimulants like seaweed also give effective results as they try to reduce the unsightly effect of cellulite fat when used with quick massaging strokes.

Cellulite is actually the fat trapped in the connective tissues as women have a honeycomb connective structure that causes the fat cells to bulge out and gives the appearance of a bumpy disfigured body. The new anti cellulite cream contain ingredients like Aminiophyline which when used topically can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Karin Herzog Silhouette slimming anti cellulite cream is developed from ingredients that have anti obesity properties and this is the reason that when they are massaged on the specific area they easily get absorbed deep in the skin and help to melt the fat under the skin.

The best way to get rid of the cellulite problem is to prevent it from happening. And by adopting a healthy diet plan with a regular exercise routine you will not only stay healthy but will also have a beautiful skin to cherish.

The healthy ingredients of the anti cellulite cream breaks the chain of the fat cells in the connective tissue and also helps to restore the blood circulation system and the best thing of all is that they cause no side effects. Using the anti cellulite cream is quite simple since you only need to rub them on the specific area first in a clock wise direction and then in an anti clock wise way.

The anti cellulite cream claims to remove the excess fat form the body that cannot be removed by any other way especially in the areas that are known to build up more fat. And the Karin Herzog Silhouette Slimming anti cellulite cream promises to tone and smooth the skin of these specific areas.

Cellulite is a disorder that that does not cause any internal harm but only makes the physical appearance embarrassing most of the time. The market is booming with the best anti cellulite cream and when the effect of the cream is combined with good eating habits and a regular exercise pattern then you can surely stop living an ugly and embarrassing live and move about with confidence.

Recommended Anti Cellulite Creams

Glam Cosmetic Organiser – Key Features

Glam Cosmetic Organiser – Simple clear crystal acrylic cosmetics organiser. Fits perfectly into corners and allows the use of maximum space. Easy organisation for all your essential cosmetics. Great for that unused corner of the dressing table!

Glam Cosmetic Organiser

  • Incredibly useful cosmetic organiser
  • Fantastic in bedroom or bathroom
  • Made of clear crystal acrylic so looks great with any decor
  • Part of the Glam range – matching items available
  • Dimensions: 21.5 cm long by 13.5 cm wide


Product Description

This practical and beautfiul cosmetic organiser is such a fantastic addition to any bedroom or bathroom that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. It has space for 12 lipsticks, 2 compartments which are perfect for make up brushes and longer items like mascara, and 2 further compartments which are great for things like powders, foundation, or nail varnish. However, what you store in this useful organiser is totally up to you, the possibilities are endless. It could be used for storing craft items or jewellery, as well as make up. As this item is made of clear acrylic it really fits in with any decor too. Other items in the Glam range are also available so you can really accessorise your home in style.

Dimensions: 21.5 cm long by 13.5 cm wide
Materials: Clear Crystal Acrylic
Care: Wash with warm soapy water

The Glam range of storage accessories fits into any environment or decor as it is made of clear crystal acrylic. No need to worry about colour matching! Glam products include make-up, jewellery, and toiletry holders in a myriad of combinations. Organise your bathroom, dressing table, or workspace.

Our aim at BlissHome is to cater for every taste with our collection of accessories for the contemporary bathroom.

BlissHome have been designing and sourcing contemporary homewares since 1978, constantly searching for the new, the original and the beautiful to enhance your home. BlissHome strives to bring you innovative, fresh, and fun products that also serve a functional purpose in your home.


Reviews by Real Customers


Is practical and it is beautfiul. Solid plastic not flimsy and looks classy in the bathroom. Kept leaving bits and bobs on the shelf, and scooping them into a drawer, never to be seen again. But with this tray lipsticks, mascaras etc slot into place and don’t get lost. Also useful for earrings which I tend to take off and then forget where I put them… you get the picture 🙂
Have also bought the square box thingy for cotton wool and buds. Which looks just as great and oh so useful (i was forever dropping the cardboard/plastic pot of buds. Like cocktail sticks you take one out and they all wanna come too. Usually on the floor).

I bought this product because I have a large makeup collection and wanted something to display my everyday makeup products, it did not disappoint. Everything from my mascara to lipstick fitted perfectly.
I’d reccomend this to anyone who love organised makeup like me. Delivery was on time and we’ll wrapped, so no breakage. Two thumbs up!

Purchased with the four drawer box. This item fits securely and neatly on top, providing plenty of additional storage space for make-up. The organiser is made of thick plastic that has a glossy, if not slightly glass-like finish to it and does appear to be very sturdy.

The 12 small storage compartments on the right hand side are ideal for lipsticks, lip balms, nail varnish and small/’sample size’ tubes such as primer or eye cream. Behind the small compartments is a shallow, medium-sized compartment, ideal for standing up large tubes or bottles (such as foundation, perfume or possibly eye shadow).

At the back on the left hand side there are two deeper storage compartments, I have managed to fit 15 eye liner pencils in one compartment and a concealer stick, mascara tube and eye roll-on in the other compartment without it being too much of a squeeze. These deeper compartments would also be ideal for storing cosmetic brushes. The large, shallow-fronted compartment has plenty of room for storing a wide variety of medium sized cosmetics, including eye shadows, lipsticks or powders.

Overall, this item provides a lot of different options for storing small to medium sized cosmetics and was a fantastic purchase.

I hesitated for a long time before making this purchase; it seemed a huge amount to pay for what after all was just a plastic container. In the end I relented and bought it, not for myself, but as gift for me daughter in law. I am so pleased I did, it is perfect.
It looks beautiful, and pretty much indestructible. I will certainly be ordering another one for myself after Christmas.

I really like this product – it looks great and it’s pretty solidly made. The downside is it isn’t very big, so you wouldn’t be able to store the entire contents of your make-up bag in it. I use it for the stuff it use most frequently and it’s great for that!

This is a great cosmetic organiser. I can see all my make-up clearly, everything is now organised AND it’s easy to clean. The lipstick holders are also ideal for eye-shadow applicators, hair grips and all those other items which were previously lost at the bottom of my make-up bag! The only drawback is that there isn’t an abundance of space for lots of eye-shadow cases, though I have 7 eye-shadows of varying sizes, a compact and blusher which have all fitted in nicely.

This is a really great product for keeping frequently used cosmetics in order. It looks good on my dressing table and it has space for all the items I use every day – foundation/blusher/powder in the large front section, brushes/mascaras/eyeliners in the tall back section, lipsticks/glosses/balms in the small front sections, and tubes in the small back section. It’s really robust, more so than I expected, and can easily withstand knocks and being dropped from some height without sustaining so much as a scratch. I’m now really wanting more products from the same range to organise all my other items!


60 Piece Urban Beauty Travel Cosmetic Vanity Case Make Up Gift Set Train Box – Nails Eyes Lips Plus More

Urban Beauty vanity case

Key Features

  • 60 Piece (including individual eyeshades) Cosmetic Set in an elegant Silver Metal Case
  • All women’s essentials in one elegant box and a great gift for any occasion
  • This fantastic set is all you need when travelling
  • Includes a convenient compact, ideal for the handbag on nights out
  • Dimensions – Width (255mm), Length (170mm), Height (92mm)

60 Piece Urban Beauty Travel Cosmetic Vanity Case Make Up Gift Set

Urban Beauty Travel Cosmetic Vanity Case Make Up Gift Set Contents

This Urban Beauty vanity case includes women cosmetic essentials and can be a great gift, perfect for all occasions and contains the following;
60 Piece Urban Beauty Travel Cosmetic Vanity Case

  • 8x eye shadow quad pallets (32 individual colours) (Net Wt: 19.2g)
  • 2x blushers (Net Wt: 6.4g)
  • 4x nail polishes (8ml each)
  • 1x small nail art sticker set
  • 4x lip sticks (Net Wt: 12.0g)
  • 1x foam cushion toe separator
  • 1x blush brush
  • 2x double-end eye pencil (Net Wt: 1.5g)
  • 2x double-end lip pencil (Net Wt: 1.5g)
  • 1x nail whitener pencil (Net Wt: 1.5g)
  • 1x eyelash/eyebrow comb
  • 1x eye shadow brush
  • 3x small double-ended brush applicators
  • 1x nail clipper
  • 1x nail file
  • 1x convenient compact which is able to hold 2 small brush applicators, 1 eye shadow pallet, 1 blusher and comes with a handy in-built mirror
  • 1x elegant, re-useable, metal silver case which holds all your cosmetic essentials!
  • + Plus one free Urban Beauty Nail File


Reviews by Real Users

Customer Reviews

I bought this for my grand daughter for her to learn how to use cosmetics. It has a great range of colours and products. I was also impressed with the brushes etc in the case. The case they were in was excellent all together a very good buy for a young person – they will love it.


Bought as a gift, but this is a lovely vanity make-up set which would suit teenagers and adults alike.
There is a great selection of colours to suit all tastes. Company couldn’t have been more helpful with purchase.

Excellent value for money came quickly and all as described bought for a gift and I’m sure they will be more than pleased with this.

Bought for my daughter for Xmas she loved it and really appreciated the choice of things inside, and excellent starter kit.

I read some reviews which said the case was small, the eye-shadow was too smalll etc but I found you buy those size eye shadows in stores for almost 5pounds…..consider you get 8 of these it adds up to a much cheaper buy. It has great colours and is very compact. Easy for travelling. The nail varnish could vary more in colours but again that is down to personal preference, I like bright vibrant colours.


In one line, Convenient health care and grooming kit for your little one.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Healthcare Kit

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature baby health care and grooming kit contains everything that you may need both at home and on the go. Health Care Kit contains nine essential items ideal for travel and nursery.

Nine Essentials

This Closer to Nature Health Care Kit includes a digital thermometer, which can be used to take baby’s temperature either orally or under the armpit. It also includes an automated warning sound which sounds if temperature readings reach fever levels.

Convenient Carry Case

Keep your essentials together – all nine essential items of the Tippee Closer to Nature Health Care Kit can be carried in a handy pouch.

Why choose Tommee Tippee?

Tommee Tippee, from the UK based Mayborn Group Limited, is the number-one brand of baby feeding accessories in the UK and one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. Loved by parents and children alike, Tommee Tippee has received numerous brand accolades in Great Britain, including top ranks in the prestigious Mother and Baby Awards, a head-to-head assessment of competitive products voted by mums themselves.

Box Contains
1 x digital oral thermometer
1 x nasal aspirator
1 x toothbrush
2 x emery boards
1 x nail clippers
1 x scissors
1 x brush
1 x comb


Reviews by Real Customers at Amazon.co.uk

Baby not yet born but parents love it as a present

Totally recommend this item! Got everything you need, good quality too! The thermometer is giving correct measurements. Love it!

All you need for good price…we are using all of it,my baby is now 4 months and 2 weeks old

Very useful and has everything you will need for your new baby in one package. All good quality like all Tommee Tippee products. Recommended!

All baby essentials! Really useful kit and use the hairbrush, nail clippers and thermometer all the time! Good quality and can’t fault it at all, especially regarding the price!

Brought this product for my sister in law as i already have one for my LO !! fantastic buy!!

Excellent product and received as described within time frame. Great doing business with you. Thank you.

Very please to give this as a gift to my friend. Was everything I’d hoped it would be .


Andrew James Professional Fruit Power Juicer

Are you looking to lose weight, improve your fitness level or your health in general? The all new Professional Power Juicer from Andrew James is an ideal solution and by using the juicer long term, you can notice a significant difference in your lifestyle in general. Owning the power juicer may just be that encouragement on the road to a much healthier and happier lifestyle

The juicer features a high quality stainless steel finish and its unique design can complement any kitchen. The juicer comes with a handy jug at the side to save the mess that others may make. The Andrew James Juicer is a centrifugal juicer that gives you rapid juicing and is effective over a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The juicer can take in whole fruits and veggies up to 75mm diameter.

The Andrew James Centrifugal juicer comes with a powerful 990-watt motor. The juicer is a lot quieter than most juicers available on the market. The motor can spin the durable, stainless steel blades at very high speeds shredding the produce into little parts and then the centrifugal force does the extraction of the juice content by pressing the pulp through the mesh filter

There is an easy to use 2-speed rotary dial switch knob power control for both hard as well as soft fruits at 15000 rpm and 18000 rpm respectively. The juicer has an appreciably large capacity feed chute for processing whole fruits and veggies without the need of pre-cutting or slicing them. The Andrew James Professional 990 watt juicer has a built-in with auto shut off function (motor protector) that helps the juicer to shut itself off if it senses overheating.

The Andrew James Juicer is easy to clean and it is also easy to dismantle the various parts before clean up and putting them back together.

Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer: Features

Andrew James Professional Fruit Power Juicer

  • For whole fruits and vegetables- No need to peel
  • Effectively separates the juice from the pulp
  • Up to 30% more juice than normal juicers
  • Powerful 990-watt motor
  • 2-speed rotary dial switch – for soft and hard fruits (15000 rpm and 18000 rpm)
  • Quiet running motor
  • Built in safety features
  • Extra Large Chute – Can fit whole apples
  • Extra Large 2 litre detachable pulp container
  • Non- Mechanical parts are dishwasher safe
  • Auto shut off function (motor protector)
  • High Quality Stainless steel finish
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Simple to clean
  • Detachable centrifuge and pulp-bin
  • Accessories – Juice jug and cleaning brush
  • Recommended running time 1 minutes
  • 2 yr Fixed Warranty
  • CE / ROHS approval
  • Please note: Bottles, jars and fruit not included

Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer: Customer Reviews at Amazon.co.uk

Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer

I had to choose between this one and the Philips and this one eventually won owing to the difference in price. When I purchased mine the price difference was £20. I work with both on a daily basis (we have the Philips at work) and have been able to make a fair comparison between the two. In terms of build quality, structure and functions, they are both almost identical.

Out of the two, the Philips is superior in juicing in that the remaining pulp is a little dryer than that of Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer. But in saying that, I never feel that I’m being hard done by with my juicer when I juice my fruit and veg. I get plenty of juice out of my juicer and I’ve never had one item get lodged or mangled in the process. I also find the Philips quieter than this one. But the difference in sound is not a deal breaker. This one has suction cups on the feet so the juicer stays planted when you’re working with it. The Philips does not and when you turn the thing on, it can do a 180 if you’re not careful. This does not continue though when it’s switched on and you’re juicing. It’s just a little jump when the motor gets going.

As for cleaning, they’re both the same in that department. I find James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer slightly easier to pull apart than the Philips but not much else. If you run a sink of hot soapy water before you start juicing and you wash up your juicer before you sit down to enjoy your produce, cleaning is quick and easy.

Overall, I really recommend this product. Also, put a bag into the pulp dispenser so you just pull it out and throw it away instead of having to scoop it all out first and then cleaning up afterwards.

If you want a good product but just can’t afford the Philips, this is a very worthwhile alternative and will give you the desired finish.

Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer

I was torn between buying this juicer and the Phillips HR1861, but in the end I bought this James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer as it was slightly cheaper than the Phillips one. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy it. It’s a great machine – I have been juicing things like pineapples, apples, carrots, celery etc with no problems at all. The only thing I would say about James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer is that’s a little bit noisy (although the literature says it’s quite quiet) but I’m not too fussed about that. I absolutely love it and I’m really glad I bought it. I just don’t enjoy all the washing up afterwards………!

The reviews of this James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer are mixed, however I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway. And I’m very glad I did!

The price is very reasonable (especially compared to some of the “top-range” machines) and in my opinion, this juicer works very well.

I’m not using it every day, but for use a couple of times a week I think this is brilliant. So far, I’ve juiced soft and hard fruits, and veggies such as carrots, spinach, broccoli… I’ve not had a problem with any of them (although the juices are a bit strange sometimes!)

I love the jug that comes with the James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer, it’s well designed so the froth on top does not come out with the juice when poured. I also think the little brush for cleaning the inside of the juicer works well, and is much better than trying to use a regular washing-up brush. This juicer is very easy to take apart and clean, and the instruction booklet that comes with it is very easy to understand and answered all the of questions I had when I first received the juicer.

The only negative I can see about this James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer is that it’s necessary to run the pulp back through a second time to get the maximum amount of juice out of your fruits/veggies. However, I feel like most people should do this with every James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer anyhow.

If you’re looking for a medium-duty juicer that can deal with most fruit and veg, two or three times a week, then I recommend this one.

While on holiday in Turkey the hotel had a manual juice press. I got to like freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. I decided I was going to get a juicer. I ordered the James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer while I was still on holiday on a Friday. When I arrived home on the Monday to my surprise it had been delivered. Well done despatch department. I found the James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer to be of very good quality and well built. without much difficulty I assembled the parts and decided to try it. I was disappointed to find that you had to peel the fruit first. Anyway I peeled a few oranges and made my first glass of orange juice. It was delicious and after trying different types of oranges I found that the taste varied.

Of course after using the James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer it needs cleaning. This involves dismantling the juicer and washing all the various parts. I found this easy. Before buying this product make sure its what you want. Its a great product and would probably be ideal for a larger family when a couple of pints are needed.

A video Review of Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer

Breville Blend-Active: Product Description

Breville Blend - Active Personal Blender

Breville Blend-Active: One-Person Portion Blending

The Breville Blend-Active is an individual-sized blender that comes with two stylish sports bottles, giving you one-person-portion fruit smoothies, breakfast drinks, protein and sports nutrition drinks and iced juices with a one-touch action. Take your Blend-Active to work or the gym, or keep it with you in your home.

Breville Blend-Active: Quick and Easy – Just Blend and Go

Pop your favourite ingredients into the Breville Blend-Active 600 ml sports bottle and attach the blade cap. The Blend-Active one-touch action means you just pop the bottle on to the base, twist to lock and then press the button to blend your drink. The Blend-Active will blend a smoothie or a shake in seconds. Once you have blended to your liking, replace the blade lid with the leak-proof lid. Your blended beverage is then ready to take with you wherever you go; to work, to the gym or with you in the car.

Making blending fast and simple, the Breville Blend-Active is ideal for the health conscious to make homemade sports nutrition and protein shakes. With a small, but powerful chopper you can crush ice and chop tough fruits or nuts, meaning you can make delicious iced-juice slushies, extra thick smoothies and breakfast drinks. Unlike protein shakers, the Blend-Active’s design prevents powder collecting around the edges for an ultra-smooth drink.

Breville Blend-Active: Portable Bottles to Blend and Go

Breville Blend - Active Personal Blender
The Breville Blend-Active comes with two 600 ml sports bottles, which have measuring guides on the side, fit most car and bike cup holders and have a wide spout for thick drinks. Made from Eastman Tritan copolyester, the bottles are lightweight, impact and shatter-resistant, odour, taste and stain-resistant and you can use them again and again.

If you want great blended drinks on the move, the Breville Blend-Active is at home in your kitchen, but is your best friend as you hit the gym or work.

Reviews about Breville Blend-Active

Read a few of the reviews and would like to point out a couple of things with regard to some of the other negative factors that were stated. One person stated that it was a bit noisy – I have used several blenders and think Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is probably quieter than most. One person stated that the lid didn’t stay closed very well and wouldn’t put the bottle in their bag – it’s almost childproof. I will agree that the opening could be a little bigger but it’s by no means too small. And, finally, I have used mine several times and it hasn’t broken and I have put lots of ice etc in it so I wouldn’t worry about that one either. The big bonuses for me are that you get two bottles and you can judge exactly how much of your ingredients to put in. And, being a man, just having to wash the bottle and not the bottle and the blender jug is a massive bonus. You also get a small smoothie/protein shake guide. I cannot see any reason why it doesn’t deserve 5 stars.

Breville Blend - Active Personal Blender

For £27 pounds (price when i purchased it) Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is a steal! Mixes everything in the bottle. Nicely packaged. Extremely simple to use. Simple to wash! Quick delivery. And helpful instruction manual (not that you need it). Brilliant buy!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender also comes with a few pages of smoothie recipes, which are also excellent! I train at the gym, and theres several recipes in the book that include protein powder (good for pre workout drink or post)

Recommend to anyone interested in a quick easy to use smoothie maker!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is brilliant. One downfall is that it says it can crush ice, which it kinda can but if you put frozen fruit in there, like the frozen fruit you can buy in supermarkets then the blades wont even move. That is the only downfall for this. I use it all the time and is a brilliant contraption!!! Most of my family and friends have them now after me showing off mine.

Amazing product! I was expecting a functional product (obviously), but i was NOT expecting such a potent device!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is extremely user-friendly! Put the produces inside, put the blade on top, attach it to the machine and press the button! And VOILA! It’s done!

When it comes to cleaning, Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is as easy as rinsing in water (both the bottles and the blade) and it’s done!

In fact, if you use it properly you won’t even need to wash the main base device, as it won’t get dirty!

It’s extremely potent considering its compact size and mixes everything together without a problem.

I’ll leave here a recipe that i created myself. Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is a light, tasty and Healthy shake that anyone can make in 1 minute, with everyday produces:

1 natural yoghurt
1 table spoon of Flaxseeds
3 pieces of canned/fresh Peach OR pineapple (or both!)
1 handfull of rocket (don’t be afradi to use it! it gives an amazing fresh taste to the shake)
Fill the bottle up to the 500ml mark with water.

Mix and enjoy a tasty, cool and healthy drink.

PS: My gf usually mixes the ingredients with soy milk instead of water and it tastes amazing as well! It even gets a creamier feel to it.

I hope this review/suggestion about Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender was useful!

Kind Regards!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender: A Video Review

Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog

Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog: Product Description

With its patent-pending design, Thundershirt‘s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful or over-excited. Based on surveys completed by over 2,000 customers, over 80% of dogs show significant improvement in symptoms when using Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog. Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog is already helping tens of thousands of dogs around the world, and is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers. Thundershirts are also recommended by Tellington TTouch practitioners and dog behaviorists.
Size Chart

Pet Type Dog
Item Weight 363 g
Product Dimensions 2.3 x 24 x 33.1 cm
Item model number HGL-T01
Material Composition 100% Cotton
Colour Grey
Size Large
Minimum Weight Recommendation 18.1 kilograms
Maximum Weight Recommendation 31.8 kilograms
Minimum Girth Recommendation 24 inches
Maximum Girth Recommendation 32 inches
Weight 365 grams
Number of Items 1
Quantity 1
Care Instructions Machine Washable
Special Features Veterinary Approved, Easy to Clean, Lightweight
Specific Uses Anti-Anxiety and Behaviour Management, Behavioural Training
Batteries Included No

How to Use

Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog Reviews by Real Customers at Amazon.co.uk

I have a highly anxious young dog – he is anxious about many things, but is phobic about the car. This is a big deal for us, as we do a lot of traveling, so it was important to us that his phobia did not escalate to the point where he refused to get into the car. Having done a lot of research on Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog, I finally took the plunge and bought one. Result!!! The last few journeys have seen this dog sitting calmly and happily – even whining with pleasure at an anticipated favorite walk – where previously he was agitated, panting and drooling.

One caveat – phobias in dogs are not simple things, and relying on one Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog to “fix” your dog without taking other measures is unrealistic. So in addition to the shirt we have put in place other behavioural measures and taken a multi-faceted approach to help the dog overcome his dread of the car. BUT the Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog has been a significant factor in the whole programme – we have tested its effect by observing behaviour when various aspects of the programme were not used – so we KNOW the shirt has helped as part of the programme.

I would recommend these Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog, they are well made, well thought through – and work, especially when used in conjunction with other anti-fear reinforcers.

And finally – we have a happy little dog!:)

Well since acquiring a Rough Collie at age 6 I discovered very soon he does not like loud noises. Understatement since he climbs on top of anything and everything whether I am home or not.

I have spent a fortune over the last 4 years trying a variety of things designed to help? This includes Firework cd’s, DAPS, anxiety drops of various kinds, and even last year I bought specially designed ear muffs for dogs in cockpits but helped dogs with noise problems.

These have either helped a little or not at all or made things worse in the case of the ear muffs cos he didnt like them on his ears.

So every year I have to sit with him in a room with either TV or stereo full blast unable to do anything other than sit with him with him on his leash and both sit out the manic panic of a dog trying to scramble on everything (including me 25kg of dog on your head is not fun) I might add he is very obedient otherwise.

Then this year I decided earlier in the year to buy one of these Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog having seem videos of dogs changing from fear to calmness & I thought well I might as well try Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog this might just work.

Well I tried it during a bad thunderstorm and although he was still anxious was much better than normal and either paced or sat fairly calmly. Same rest of year but tonight has been a test of the highest degree. Firework night and despite the dampness there have been bangs and whistles for the last couple of hours and although I have the stereo on in the background we can both hear the sounds in the background & if I can still hear them he must be, HOWEVER with his new Thundershirt Anxiety Coat on he is so much calmer even accepting a treat when calm, and playing with his ball, but mostly he is laying in his fav spot by the door and very very calm when there is an exceptional bang or whizzing sound he clearly hears it and paces a little but soon settles down.

It is almost like having a different dog. If you have a noise phobic dog get one of these Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog. Flash being a Rough Collie has very sensitive hearing and is a very sensitive dog. More so than my old Sheltie and Collie/Retriever cross.

For the peace and calm and seeing him so much calmer and happier I would have paid twice the price for this Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog

A Plus is its easy to fit even on a hairy, shaggy dog like a Rough Collie & he does not object to having it on either.

I could not wait to review the Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog! I have a little rescue dog who is terrified of the car. I have never seen such terror and when she sees we are going in the car she curls up on the ground and starts salivating. She is sick in the car and is a shaking mess despite sitting on my lap getting cuddled. As we travel to Ireland for frequent visits to family this has been a nightmare and we have had to resort to doping her up but even then she salivated and shook and took days to recover after the journey. I saw Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog in the pet shop and checked it out on Amazon where it was considerably cheaper. I decided to try it as we were going to Ireland for Christmas, but laughed as I bought Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog as could not imagine it would have any effect.

WRONG! We had a great journey with no salivating, no shaking and trembling and no sickness in the car. She actually went off to sleep quite happily. I don’t know how it works, I just know it really does work! It is a miracle for us as we can now travel without the trauma for our little dog and us.

We bought this “Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog” for our 6-month-old Whippet pup for separation anxiety. Despite having left him from day one and having built-up leaving him very gradually, he would still bark if left alone without our other dog and bark if left for longer than 45-mins with our other dog. He was only ever left for a maximum of 2-hours, but because the neighbour worked shifts, we felt like prisoners in our own home.

The Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog has meant that we can now leave him for over 1.5-hours with our other dog without even a peep from him. We could probably leave him for longer, but have not yet needed to do so. He will now amuse himself with his stuffed Kong whilst we are away, whereas before he’d simply ignore it until we got home. He is far better when left alone without our other dog – he still sometimes barks, but does not howl constantly from the moment he’s left until the moment we return, like he did before. We have found leaving a pair of socks with our scent on and the TV on also helps.

A surprising side-benefit of getting the Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog is how much more focused and calm he is at his pre-agility and obedience classes.

He was not bothered about the fireworks the other night. He is still bothered by big lorries going past whilst out on a walk, so we haven’t noticed a difference in helping with that (but it’s not a big issue for him).

We notice a huge difference when he’s wearing his Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog around the house – he doesn’t badger our other dog and is a lot calmer. For those people who have a hyper puppy and would like a natural way to calm their pup, then this is a great possibility. (Although avoiding dog food containing any kind of artificial additives would be the first thing to try.)

All in all a great product and we have just ordered our second Thundershirt Anxiety Coat for Dog, so that he has one to wash and one to wear.

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