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I was told most of friends dont go there. Not sure because they dont trust or because products dont last long. I went few times to buy things which are urgent like cables and other hardware. Guess what started browsing and fell for a Philips dect phone offer. The offer is incredible. less than 50%, went for it greedily. I dont need a phone at all, thought this new phone might bring some colours to my desk.

Ha, The happiness did not last long.

The phone makes a wheezing buzz when we answer the call and the dect phone range is limited to just few feet. Doest not work in second room.

Naturally felt annoyed took it back to shop. The guy looked at me, like this idon’t know, how to use the phone. And explained he cannot take it back because the package is open and not in the condition of resale. One of their condions is to not take the product back, if the product is not in the same conditon. What? how am i supposed to test product without openning it.

With a bit of argument. He started testing the product he put it into the socket. and made a call and said it works fine. he cannot here any noise. I thought, may be taking the battery out and putting it back in might have reset the system and noise is gone. he asked me take it back change the cable adaptor and try again.

I bought a new capble adaptor with them and took it back(Additional spending). After few hours, started the white noise again. Right! i had enough, took it back. Again same story different representative. Wow! looks like they have strong instructions, we only sell to customers and never take returns unless they press it. I pressed it as hard as i can, told him about the customer protection policy 7/14 days return policies.

The guy refuses to listen, i refuse to walk, then it became a distraction for others. Everyone is getting impatient. He called his head office and they advised to take it back. Phew! do you need this drama or you want try what happens if you buy. If you do want to buy be my guest says someone.

I promised myself. Never step in again. Partronising customers is an art mastered by them.

Warning for me and buyers like me.

1. Have i heard of refurbished stuff?

Yes, refurbished mean, when the products are sold initially to some customers and returned to factory, they were repaired and boxed again. Also some products get refurbished in the factory itself, when they fail quality testing. Do you want one of these producst think again!

2. What is Customer returns policy?

Do you know UK customers are protected by trading standards. Every company must be bound by them as long their company is in UK and selling in UK. I am not buying from those who are selling from other parts of europe and do the logistics.

3. What is a cheap electronic product?

A product which is far too less in weight. It breaks as soon as it lands on carpet. The battery pack cover flew into kitchen. Antenna fell from the top with no glue to fix it. When you buy it you already knew, it is going to die on you and it is a repica of a successfull product, last but not the least it is made in china ūüôĀ

Give me your views mateys!

As you are aware we do lot of research on products and we make a decision which is compelling many ways price, quality, discounts and delivery schedule.

While some low priced goods take longer to deliver. Do you know Why?

They dont have items in stock. They advertise and receive sales above their stock level. Then they place an order with their supplier who inturn produces good or ships goods for delivery. Do you have time to chase. If yes, then it is alright.

While Some goods are heavily discounted from market price. Do you know why?

The product failed to generate any market response in its first launch, there is a big stock pile. The only way to get rid of this stock is discount heavily from the market price and get rid of the stock. These products will have poor customer service or very poor quality. You dont want to be victim of this. Either way they end up in your garrage or store room. You are buying thinking they are very cheap not because you really need them.

What is customer service like, even children now days know, buying a holiday/product without reliable review will make it worst memory rather than just being vulnerable. How do you realise somethig is worse than ever?

The product/holiday is full of ifs and buts, small print, fake offers. The ifs and buts will make you sad, you cannot do what you want do with it, yes too many restrictions. You have to follow all the rules. funnily, i was told i can only contact by email no phone number for the seller. What? yes it is true.

I booked the holiday without reading the small print and realised it is only in weekdays. what i cannot be absent from work in these days. Small print says no refund or use it with in 30 days. I forgot to book it in time. The coupon expired.. nightmare. How much money is lost in expired coupons. It is worse than a not won lottery ticket.

One day i realised i am not going to be a victim of buying something unwanted or wanted but restricted or wanted with poor support. wanted with longer wait for delivery. Also the same product is pretty much available in other online sites.

Do you know what is a worst trap of all?

I fell for it, i know many fell for it it too. A fake website is created with a link in the main advert. Where the product shows it original price as very high and it is heavily discounted only for this offer. Wow, easy trap. it makes me feel, i am doing the right thing buying it for less. Sorry, if you check it out on the google, the product may be available at same price with other suppliers or alternatively it is not heavily discounted but available for cheaper price.

Fake satisfaction surveys, fake reports. What not, all to make your pocket weigh less.

Given all this, refund policy is extremely horrid, Have you ever read it, before you bought the product. 30 days or more. I have heard weirdest story from a cusomter support. We cannot track returns, but product is in our storage, We need to verify it and we let you know. Can you believe it from a million pound online electronic shopiing gaint, who tells you a rather unconvincing cheap story just to delay the refund.

Well i am going to stop buying any of these kind of fakes. you dont have to do the same, but be generous in spending time on your research before you buy anything rather regret after buying.

Let us know your experience by replying to this..

Harbinger Mens Pro GloveMen’s Pro Natural Wash & Dry Gloves Leather is 100% hand wash and air dry version.

Features of Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves:

  • Double leather palm protects hand and maintains feel on bar
  • Open cell foam cushions palm and fingers
  • ¬Ĺ finger length increases contact with grip surface
  • Wrap-around thumb protection
  • Double stitched for enhanced durability
  • Fully adjustable wrist closure

Reviews by Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves¬†Users:

I’ve gone through several gloves over the years(whether from wear and tear or just losing them) and I’ve got to highlight these Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves as quality gloves.

Weightlifting gloves don’t always cover up to the middle of the fingers, so calluses form in the middle even if the bottom of the fingers don’t. Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves¬†glove-fingers cover up just past this section of the finger when the hand is flexed.

Also, the light breathable back limits the heat buildup from similar heavier gloves. Wrist wraps have never actually protected my wrists, if you can’t keep your wrists straight, a wrist wrap sure as hell won’t be enough to hold it for you. The marginal benefit does not justify the presence of wrist wraps and they’re thankfully absent from these¬†Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves.

Harbinger Mens Pro GloveThe leather here is soft,flexible, and PROPERLY PLACED. Avoid the other Harbinger lifting glove models at all costs, the padding seam in the thumb-section is driven straight into the bone, whereas this pad’s seam runs smooth. Another nice feature is that unlike my other gloves, the material doesn’t shrink in the wash, so it can be tossed into the laundry instead of having to be hand-washed like most gloves. (And you need to wash lifting gloves since gyms are horrendously bacteria-ridden, in addition to the odor).
–By Kevin Hung

These are great gloves! I have no complaints about them, but I do think I should take a moment and address a common complaint that almost kept me from buying them. Several people have commented that the gloves run small. These complaints are frankly idiotic. These people have obviously never owned anything made of leather. NEWS FLASH — it stretches! Yes, the gloves are small and do pinch at first, but after about a week’s worth of wear at the gym they fit perfectly. There’s no reason to order one size too big, because if you do you run the risk of them being too loose, which would cause them to rub and cause blisters, which is the whole point of buying them in the first place!

Buy these gloves in the right size, and if you have more patience than a preschooler you’ll love them!
–By earth78horse

I am a Gym Rat, working out 4+ times a week for 2 hours a day. I do about 1 hour of free weights then 1 hour of Cardio. My last pair of Harbinger Gloves were stolen from me at the Gym while I showered. They were $40 Harbinger Model 1250(Grey colored,with wrist straps). I loved those gloves, but I did not want to spend another $40 for gloves I may lose or have stolen, so I found these on Amazon for under $15(Harbinger Model 143,Natural). I am very pleased with these gloves. The color natural was better looking in person than in the pics. While these did not have wrist straps, they were as nice as the 1250 Model. Very Well Made, Great Job Amazon!!!! Comfortable and Durable. I have been buying weight lifting gloves for over 20 years, and these can hang with the best. I take a large and these were true to size. Also NO Bleeding from Dye inside the gloves that stains your hands after you sweat the first few times you use them. Also these gloves keep your hands cool while you lift, making your gloves less likely to smell of sweat after you take them off. I apply some talcum powder to my hands before I put the gloves on. And the gloves look and smell very clean. I was very impressed with the stitching, it was very obvious that these were not cheap gloves. I would expect to pay at least $30 for these gloves, not $13.49!!! So I truly felt that I got a bargain. I may just buy another pair at this price as a backup pair. So if you are on the fence about buying , and need a quality, affordable pair of workout gloves, I can’t see you going wrong with these.

These gloves can be found Online or at some Sporting Goods Stores, though you won’t find as cheap as Amazon is selling them for. I don’t know if this is Amazon’s normal price??, or if the $13.49 was just blind luck on my behalf??

I hope this review helped.

–By Carol M. Mullen

Denim-HandbagsDo you have a Denim Handbag? No? Well! It is not a big deal to buy one. It is basically an inevitable item in a woman’s life. In any case, you are a housewife or a working lady; you always need to have a handbag with you in which you keep your personal belongings wherever you go. There is a variety of brands dealing in the ladies handbags with stylish designs and practical capacity. But the point of concern is the reliability and quality of the handbag. Of all the brands, denim handbags are considered to be the most reliable.

Denim handbags are easy to carry and are stylish in designs. You can pick and choose the best piece according to your personal preferences. There is no issue of size because the denim handbags are found in all sizes. Depending upon the purpose, they range from extra large to small size. Denim handbags are convenient to handle because the quality of the handles and straps is unmatchable. The company is doing business since long and is surviving the competition. Though many other brands came in the market but none of them could win the race.

Denim Jeans BagIf you are concerned about the price of the denim handbags, you should not bother. You can enjoy the luxury of having a stylish and fashionable handbag by buying the denim handbag at a very affordable price. Many women think that these bags are expensive and they can not buy them. The price range of these bags is adjusted such as to bring it within the range of common people. Therefore, anybody having average income can now afford to buy the handbag and socialize with confidence. This is the most important benefit of choosing this brand of handbags because it will not put extra burden on your pocket as well.

Handbag has now become more of a fashion symbol and everybody boasts of using matching bags with the outfit. In order to cater to the growing needs of the modern women, denim handbags are now available in a wide range of colors. You can opt for your favorite color of the bag matching it with the color of your dress. The low price of the denim handbags makes it easier for you to purchase many handbags of different colors so that you can enjoy each with the matching dress. This will definitely boost your confidence.

The most important thing in a handbag is its storage capacity. If your handbag does not have enough space to accommodate your belongings, your money is badly wasted. So you must try a denim handbag if you want to have a stylish bag with sufficient number of pockets. The quality of zippers and straps used for the pockets is up to the mark. Your privacy is ensured by designing the bags such as to provide you with many small packets. So now you can also be one of the stylish women who trust the denim handbags and go out with confidence.

summer handbagsSummer handbags are the most important accessory depending upon the color and style of the dress you are going to wear. The best way of choosing the best handbag is watching what is being followed by the celebrities. Since celebrities are the first to react to the change in weather, one must follow the trends prevailing in the fashion industry. People always idealize their favorite TV and film stars. Therefore, celebrities also want to set the trends for the upcoming season as they remain under limelight all the time. They start preparing to present new looks to the people as soon as the summer season approaches. So if you are also one those who want to have a look at the latest designs and styles of summer handbags, you must watch what is preferred by the celebrities.

There are different types of summer handbags that are used by the celebrities. Mainly the choice depends upon the design of the outfit one is wearing and also the occasion to which you are going to attend. Summer handbags are available in different colors and designs. Fashion designers have started working very hard to introduce new designs of handbags. The reason being, the celebrities always want to have the best for themselves in order to stand out in the midst of the crowd. For the same reason, new and latest range of designs is being introduced from time and again by the designers so as to cater to the needs of the celebrities.

You must have noticed that the celebrities use the summer handbags with long and funky handles when they are attending some sort of award functions and other gatherings. This is because they make them look taller and smarter. It is observed that the capacity of a summer handbag is also considered because some of your belongings need to be kept with you. Therefore, the summer handbags are designed in such a way that they have several small pockets so as to accommodate cell phone and some cosmetic items.

In addition, the color of the summer handbag is also important. Light shades of colors are always liked in the summers. Since light colors absorb less heat and give out a cool impression. So, not only in outfits, summer handbags are also preferred to be in the shades of pink, green, blues and yellow. If you have a look at the celebrity trends, you will come to know that purple and indigo are also in fashion these days.

Being a center of attention, the celebrities try their best to present their best looks in front of people. For the same reason, they carefully consider all options while going out to attend any function. Especially the summer handbags make them look younger and attractive if they are properly matched with their overlook looks. Various fashion magazines have separate segments where the celebrity trends are being highlighted. So if you want to follow the latest styles of summer handbags, it is recommended to follow the issues of such magazines.

Kids Cloth Clearance SaleIf you want to buy kids clothes at affordable prices, then check out various kids clothes clearance sales online. One of the biggest plus points of such sales is that you can get almost all top brands at one place itself. In fact such clearance sales are indeed a one shop stop for your needs. Now day’s consumers are able to save even 90% on some items, so that they can save money fore another purchase. Most clearance sales are held once or twice a month, mostly at the end of the month. So, if you are mom who wants to buy your favorite brand of kids clothing, try out some of the popular kids clothes clearance sales in the town.

How To Save Money At Kids Clothes Clearance

Now days, most mothers are using online kids clothes clearance sale for buying their favorite brands for their children. All of us know that when choosing clothes, kids become fussy. In fact choosing clothes for kids is indeed a headache for mothers. Most kids love to wear clothes of their own choice. So with your kid becoming more fashion conscious, an online kids clothes clearance sale can really help you to get what you want.

Another way to make best use of kids clothes clearance sale is to subscribe to the retailer’s email update, so that you will be able to know when a sale is held. You can also use an in store or online coupon. Now days, many stores are offering such discount coupons while you purchase from them. Some children cloth retailers even offer a discount of 20% on an entire purchase. In this way you can save a lot of money while buying your favorite brands. So try to get some top brands at a kids clothes clearance sale nearby.

Get Some Cool Discounts For Your Kids Clothing At Kids Clothes Clearance Sale

The biggest advantage of using kids clothes clearance sale is that you can get stylish clothes at affordable prices. Moreover you can buy more clothes at a single price at such sales. For instance you can buy a set of 4t-shirts at a price of one and so on. Another option is to try out popular online sites like eBay, Craig list etc. you will be amazed to see so many people choosing such sites for shopping for their kids clothes. Most cloth retailers even have calculators which show the sizes of clothes. In this way, you will be able to know the rights size for your kid. Make sure to buy clothes in bulk when you shop
at a kids clothes clearance sale.

Another benefit of using kids clothes clearance sale is that you can make use of free shipping options from such sites .most online sites usually offer free shipping options when you buy products from them. In this way, you can get your clothes delivered right at your doorsteps without paying anything extra. So make the best use of such benefits when you buy top brands of kids clothing at a kids clothes clearance sale.

Online Shopping - Passion and FashionHardly anyone can think to stay away from the passion and fashion of life moving around us on this twenty-first century. Living without fashion and passion is unimaginable for ladies and modern women. Fashionable hand bags, trimmers and beauty item such body care and hair care products are the most demanded in online shopping. It is not only the latest trend but also globally accepted fact which has been proved correct time and again by so many market research websites.

Shopping online is very easy and fast too. One can be sure about the price and quality of those products she wants to purchase by reading reviews online before placing order. Even the products can be returned or replaced if the quality is poor and sub-standard. Online shopping of bags, electronic gadgets and body care products are immensely popular. Not only they are cost effective but also the quality is at par. Quality products at affordable price are only possible through online shopping.

The trend of online shopping is expanding rapidly. More and more women now prefer to work outside in order to be independent economically and financially. They also want to look trendy and modern. So hand bags, fashion accessories and body care items are hugely sold online. So many globally branded websites have opened up their fashion stores online. They sell beauty products not only in cheaper price but also provide best quality to stay ahead of others in market.

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Shopping online is very easy and fast too. One can be sure about the price and quality of those products she wants to purchase by reading reviews online before placing order. Even the products can be returned or replaced lf the quality is poor and sub-standard. Online shopping of bags, electronic gadgets and body care products are immensely popular. Not only they are cost effective but also the quality is at par. Quality products at affordable price are only possible through online shopping.