Breville Blend-Active: Product Description

Breville Blend - Active Personal Blender

Breville Blend-Active: One-Person Portion Blending

The Breville Blend-Active is an individual-sized blender that comes with two stylish sports bottles, giving you one-person-portion fruit smoothies, breakfast drinks, protein and sports nutrition drinks and iced juices with a one-touch action. Take your Blend-Active to work or the gym, or keep it with you in your home.

Breville Blend-Active: Quick and Easy – Just Blend and Go

Pop your favourite ingredients into the Breville Blend-Active 600 ml sports bottle and attach the blade cap. The Blend-Active one-touch action means you just pop the bottle on to the base, twist to lock and then press the button to blend your drink. The Blend-Active will blend a smoothie or a shake in seconds. Once you have blended to your liking, replace the blade lid with the leak-proof lid. Your blended beverage is then ready to take with you wherever you go; to work, to the gym or with you in the car.

Making blending fast and simple, the Breville Blend-Active is ideal for the health conscious to make homemade sports nutrition and protein shakes. With a small, but powerful chopper you can crush ice and chop tough fruits or nuts, meaning you can make delicious iced-juice slushies, extra thick smoothies and breakfast drinks. Unlike protein shakers, the Blend-Active’s design prevents powder collecting around the edges for an ultra-smooth drink.

Breville Blend-Active: Portable Bottles to Blend and Go

Breville Blend - Active Personal Blender
The Breville Blend-Active comes with two 600 ml sports bottles, which have measuring guides on the side, fit most car and bike cup holders and have a wide spout for thick drinks. Made from Eastman Tritan copolyester, the bottles are lightweight, impact and shatter-resistant, odour, taste and stain-resistant and you can use them again and again.

If you want great blended drinks on the move, the Breville Blend-Active is at home in your kitchen, but is your best friend as you hit the gym or work.

Reviews about Breville Blend-Active

Read a few of the reviews and would like to point out a couple of things with regard to some of the other negative factors that were stated. One person stated that it was a bit noisy – I have used several blenders and think Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is probably quieter than most. One person stated that the lid didn’t stay closed very well and wouldn’t put the bottle in their bag – it’s almost childproof. I will agree that the opening could be a little bigger but it’s by no means too small. And, finally, I have used mine several times and it hasn’t broken and I have put lots of ice etc in it so I wouldn’t worry about that one either. The big bonuses for me are that you get two bottles and you can judge exactly how much of your ingredients to put in. And, being a man, just having to wash the bottle and not the bottle and the blender jug is a massive bonus. You also get a small smoothie/protein shake guide. I cannot see any reason why it doesn’t deserve 5 stars.

Breville Blend - Active Personal Blender

For £27 pounds (price when i purchased it) Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is a steal! Mixes everything in the bottle. Nicely packaged. Extremely simple to use. Simple to wash! Quick delivery. And helpful instruction manual (not that you need it). Brilliant buy!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender also comes with a few pages of smoothie recipes, which are also excellent! I train at the gym, and theres several recipes in the book that include protein powder (good for pre workout drink or post)

Recommend to anyone interested in a quick easy to use smoothie maker!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is brilliant. One downfall is that it says it can crush ice, which it kinda can but if you put frozen fruit in there, like the frozen fruit you can buy in supermarkets then the blades wont even move. That is the only downfall for this. I use it all the time and is a brilliant contraption!!! Most of my family and friends have them now after me showing off mine.

Amazing product! I was expecting a functional product (obviously), but i was NOT expecting such a potent device!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is extremely user-friendly! Put the produces inside, put the blade on top, attach it to the machine and press the button! And VOILA! It’s done!

When it comes to cleaning, Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is as easy as rinsing in water (both the bottles and the blade) and it’s done!

In fact, if you use it properly you won’t even need to wash the main base device, as it won’t get dirty!

It’s extremely potent considering its compact size and mixes everything together without a problem.

I’ll leave here a recipe that i created myself. Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender is a light, tasty and Healthy shake that anyone can make in 1 minute, with everyday produces:

1 natural yoghurt
1 table spoon of Flaxseeds
3 pieces of canned/fresh Peach OR pineapple (or both!)
1 handfull of rocket (don’t be afradi to use it! it gives an amazing fresh taste to the shake)
Fill the bottle up to the 500ml mark with water.

Mix and enjoy a tasty, cool and healthy drink.

PS: My gf usually mixes the ingredients with soy milk instead of water and it tastes amazing as well! It even gets a creamier feel to it.

I hope this review/suggestion about Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender was useful!

Kind Regards!

Breville Blend – Active Personal Blender: A Video Review